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At Temple PM we make sure our candidates are professionally matched to the roles we put them forward for.

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Are you prepared for that part in the interview when you are asked if you have any questions? Below are some that illustrate a commitment to the role you are going for as well as offering the opportunity to evaluate the company and to decide from your interviewer's answers whether you really want to work there.

What do you expect me to accomplish in the first two to three months?
Good candidates want to hit the ground running. This questions shows you are keen to make an impression straight away.

What do you look for in an employee?
Every organisation is different, and so are the key qualities of top performers in those organisations. It's important to know what they are and if you think you have them.

What are a few things that really drive results for the company?
Employees are investments, and every employee should generate a positive return on his or her salary. If you know what truly makes a difference then you can help the company succeed which in turn leads to your own success.

How do you plan to deal with...?
The property market faces a major challenges with today's shifting economic trends... Good candidates don't just want to know what their employer thinks; they want to know what they plan to do — and how they would fit into those plans.


Come prepared! Role-playing often helps with interview questions, it is important to be able to express confidence.

Great follow-up is what separates a basic job applicant from a good one. When positions attract a large number of applicants, establishing a connection with the recruiter will help.

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