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"TemplePM placed me with a firm that I feel suits my knowledge, experience and, of equal importance, my character and ambition"

Michael - Senior Property Manager


"The service I received from TemplePM was first rate and it is refreshing to know that there are people in the recruitment industry that genuinely care about putting the right candidate forward for the right job.

I was kept fully informed as to the scope of the job, a synopsis of the company and what their expectation of the candidate would be.

I was grateful for the input as it gave me a fantastic sounding board towards the preparation of the interview and was delighted when I was selected for the appointment."

Manoj Patel – Senior Property Manager

"I was impressed with the way that TemplePM treated my application and found that their approach struck the right balance between my own interests and those of their client company."

Brian Ely – Senior Property Manager

"TemplePM were excellent regarding my job hunting process. I was surprised at the prompt response to my initial phone call requesting interviews. I continually received updates throughout the process and the staff were always friendly and willing to help. I was lined up with an interview really quickly and received good tips and advice from TemplePM. I then got the job and was offered further advice and support from the staff at TemplePM and was told I could go back to them with any queries I had in the future. Throughout the whole process TemplePM were helpful and the whole process ran smoothly."

Charlotte McNally – Property Manager

"TemplePM were leaps and bounds ahead of other Agencies when helping me to find my new role"

Malcolm Star - Senior Property Manager

"TemplePM helped me find my new job recently by providing a very good service. After I provided my CV they had a job opportunity instantly. Steve from TemplePM kept in contact with me all the way through the process and provided helpful tips to help me land my current role. I would be more than happy to use or recommend TemplePM if the need arises."

Paul - Senior Property Manager

"After having been with the same firm for 10 years I was quite wary about putting my name around in the market. I spoke with Steve Grimsley amongst a very small number of other recruiters and was pleased that he did not make any attempt to just try and put me into any other management job that probably would not have suited me.

He was incredibly honest and could relate to the situation that I was in. I really felt that he was going to genuinely try to find me the right job and ultimately did so. His approach was very professional throughout and he has placed me with a firm that I feel suits my knowledge, experience and, of equal importance, my character and ambition."

Michael - Senior Property Manager

"I was pleased with the attention received from TemplePM when I had been seeking employment.

Whilst my change in personal circumstances means I do not currently require your services, I would not hesitate to contact you in the future should I need to look again for suitable employment.

In particular, I was interested in how you sought to match like-minded characters, as much as finding the right role for me. Similarly, the small touches were welcome too, such as a brief text message wishing me luck prior to an interview. I have rarely seen this from other recruiters.

I should like to wish you and your staff well at TemplePM and will look forward to when our paths meet again."

Charles Rex - Team Leader

"I can confirm that I was extremely happy with the service I received from Steve Grimsley of TemplePM throughout the entire process from start to finish.

The initial contact with TemplePM was very professional, they arranged an interview for me and kept me informed throughout the whole process.

Even after I started work with my new employer, Steve kept in touch with me to insure that I had settled in and was getting on okay.

Steve managed to iron out some initial teething problems that I had at the start of my new employment and he still takes the time to call me periodically to make sure that everything is okay.

I must say that I have never experienced such a personal service from an employment agency in all my 30 years of employment.

I would highly recommend both TemplePM and particularly Steve Grimsley to anybody looking for new employment within the property sector.

Peter O'Reilly - AIRPM - Senior Property Manager

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